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Twenty-five years ago as a young farm couple, we took a look at the life of a professional dog broker and felt we could do better.

We built a kennel with longer exercise runs for the dogs and plastic welded pens that could be disinfected more effectively.
We learned by picking up the puppies a week before shipping and monitoring their health thoroughly, our puppies were arriving at the stores ready to play.

We currently ship by ground which is a safe and convenient alternative to airline shipping. Our puppies enjoy a clean, climate-controlled environment with dependable, professional and personalized service. Our puppies come from the kennels ready to play. We have prided ourselves on doing it better than the others and stand behind every single puppy we place.

It truly is a blessing we get to work with puppies everyday. The puppies always come first!

As our kennel grew we were able to employ others who enjoy working with puppies as much as we do, and always the puppies come first.

Like our farm ancestors who taught us about animal husbandry and a lifestyle that is almost lost today we embrace the truth that our work is 24- hours a day and 365 days a year, because of our dogs after 35 years of marriage we get to work together everyday at our home with these wonderful animals.

What a blessing they have been!

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