About Our Personalized Care

We ship by ground which is a safe and convenient alternative to airline shipping.With the personalized service such as a regular feeding schedule, fresh water and airy travel kennels, we know this is the safest and most reliable service available.

Shipping cost can be kept at about $50 per puppy if you get a shipment of 3 or more pups.  The price we quote you for the puppy is the total price not including shipping cost.  No charge for vaccinations or shipping crates.

We guarantee our pups for two years on genetic defects and 10 days from arrival on infectious illnesses. The only exception is hypoglycemia in tiny breeds but most of that is avoided by our 6 days of acclimation when we make sure the puppies are eating and ready for the trip, your responsibility is to monitor these tiny ones closely in the first few days after they arrive.

We pick up the next weeks puppies on Monday  and we ship the following Monday.  We perform fecals and treat routinely for coccidia, giarrdia with Sulfatrim, Metronidazole and Panacur. We give booster shots and monitor the puppies very closely for upper-respiratory infection and preventive treatment for that problem. Consequently we believe you will find that our puppies are much healthier than the ones you may have been purchasing elsewhere.

On Fridays we contact the stores that have puppies pre-booked and give them an update on the order at which time they can make additions and subtractions to their orders.  We fax/email inventory of the puppies still available for that week and the coming three weeks. Our partner stores are always happy with their selection.

The first three orders must be pre-paid before shipping. We accept Mastercard/Visa/Discover. We also will accept a check on Friday when you confirm your order, we must receive it prior to shipping.  We are excited about doing business with you!